Benefits of Raised Panel Shutters

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If you’re shopping for home window shutters, you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about how your windows are going to do an effective job of letting the light as well as keeping it out. If you’ve gone out of your way to choose windows from Renewal by Andersen windows, you’re not looking for shutters that are only going to do a mediocre job. Whether you’re looking to get a specific visual effect or keep your home cool during the day and warm at night, choosing a specific design or shutter style can help you achieve your goals easily. And while louver panels are a great choice for the artistically-inclined, they’re not always the obvious choice for homeowners who are looking to make a practical yet stylish statement. If you’re torn between buying louver panels and raised panel shutters, here are a few things you should know before buying.

Raised Panel Shutters are More Energy Effective

When you think of shutters, you most likely think of two different types. The louvered shuttle, which is made up of wooden slats that open and close when you move a central crank up and down, and the raised panel shutter. This is a more traditional-looking shutter that looks like a double-hung window and is made of two solid panels. Because of the look of louvered panels, they tend to be the more popular option when it comes to smaller rooms in the home. However, if you’re using shutters as a way to keep your home temperature-controlled, louvered shutters hurt a lot more than they help. Because raised panel shutters are made of two solid pieces, they’re much more effective at keeping out sunlight and blocking air leaks. During hotter days, it’s much easier to block up any leaks on a raised panel shutter rather than plugging up each individual slat in a louvered shutter. While louvered shutters might facilitate a breeze into the home, raised panel shutters can be opened completely to let in the air during more moderate days.

They Block the Light Better

If you’re using shutters to keep your home cool during the day, you don’t just want to think about keeping the sunlight out. During hot days and even colder months, the sun’s UV rays can penetrate through any slat opening to heat up a room or create unsightly faded patterns on your furniture. Because louvered shutters are made up of smaller slats, they’re much less effective at keeping the sun completely out of the room during hotter days. If you want to protect your home furniture and carpet from fading, it’s best not to take chances with louvered shutters. Raised panels keep the sun completely blocked out without your having to work hard to plug up every leak and crevice.

You Have the Option of Letting the Air In

Louvered shutters are customizable to a point. If you have the type of shutter that opens on the outside, you’ll be able to get a good amount of fresh air during milder weather. However, unlike raised shutter panels, fixed louvered panels often need to be totally removed in order for you to have access to outside airflow. If they’re installed on the outside, you’ll also need to spend time cleaning and prepping them for bad weather. Since each slat is exposed to dirt, wind, and debris, this will make your job way harder. Raised shutter panels come in two solid blocks, making them easy to treat and clean no matter what material they’re made of. You don’t have to worry about breaking out dusters and smaller detail brushes to clean and prep your shutters for the winter with raised panels. All you need is a bit of cleaner, caulking, and a microfiber cloth or brush and you’re ready to clean and weatherproof in one stroke.

They’re Perfect for Larger Rooms

Smaller, cozier rooms are the perfect place for louvered blinds to shine. They tend to be darker, more cluttered, and don’t need as much protection from the elements. However, shading and protecting a larger room is another matter. If you have a lot of furniture and home goods that you want to keep protected, you don’t want to take the risk. The sun’s UV rays can do a ton of damage even in small doses, especially when it comes to rooms with large, hard-to-cover windows. If you’re worried about exposing your living room or master bedroom to the harsh outdoors, choose raised panel shutters and get the most comprehensive protection through the year.



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