Preparing for A Potential Cataclysm in California


In today’s ever evolving world of climate change and catastrophes, the need for having safety plans in place for families has never been greater. From floods, mudslides and wildfires to windstorms and earthquakes, there is no shortage of a need to prepare. That is why families throughout California should always have a family plan in place in the event of catastrophe. Family members should have a pre-planned schedule of where to meet and what to do in the event of any type of calamity.

In addition, homeowners should always have a catastrophe plan in place on how to do the best they can to protect their home from as much damage as possible from these events. Here are some tips that can be helpful in dealing with these cataclysms.

Cataclysm Preparation Tips

• Mudslides are best prepared for by having a dyke like area built up on the land if the home is near a body of water or by having sand available for sandbagging.

• Windstorms are best prepared for by ensuring materials used for roofing and siding are properly and securely installed. It is also important to have all trees near a home cut back and pruned. Doing this protects against uprooted trees falling on roofs which can cause significant damage.

• Earthquakes are difficult to prepare for. One of the main things that can help protect for such a cataclysm is to have as much of the structure reinforced to withstand a potential earthquake. It is also important to learn how to best respond to protect personal safety if one occurs.

• Wildfires have been one of the greatest concerns in the state over the last several years. When preparing for wildfires, property owners should build a healthy barrier around their home and have a great deal of open land leading up to their house. One of the main reasons so many homes catch fire is because of tree growth that leads right up to the home. By contrast having only a few trees around the home and a very large area of grass away from the home affords greater protection. The grassed areas can significantly slow a wildfire. This allows for a homeowner a better chance to put out the fire. By contrast, trees feed a fire and if the home is on a heavily wooded lot, the tree can lead the fire right to a home’s door.

But no matter how much preparation is done, there is often damage from any cataclysm that can affect a home. That is why there can often be a need for disaster cleanup contractors to come in and get a home cleaned up and habitable again. In some cases, home restoration will include more than cleanup. This is when individual contractors may need to be hired to repair or rebuild certain parts of a home that is damaged.

As part of a disaster preparedness plan, having a list of home restoration and disaster cleanup services is important. Preparing a list of contractors in advance who have been reviewed by the homeowner in advance makes the cleanup process go much quicker. Homeowners that have already verified the quality and reputation of a disaster cleanup and restoration company, will be more readily able to immediately call for their services to be used. This will ensure more expedient services are provided to the home.

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