Can I Clean My Own Carpets?


Keeping a clean carpet is very important and beneficial to your entire family. The overall health of your family, as well as the appearance of your home, is at stake here. Dingy and stained carpets can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Carpet cleaning services can definitely help in keeping your entire house clean and dirt-free, however, you also have to do your part. There are situations where you really have to do it yourself. Cleaning the carpet doesn’t have to be stressful on your part. Here are some easy, tried and tested ways to clean your carpets at home or in the office. Use a powdered carpet cleaner: One of the most tried and tested ways to clean your carpet is to simply sprinkle the powder liberally over the carpet and leave it for about 30 minutes or more. This is to soften the stains and consume the odors. Then vacuum the powder. Use a carpet shampoo: A carpet shampoo is readily available in your supermarkets and you can choose from different brands. Simply follow the instructions as directed. Most products will have to be diluted with water. Apply just enough shampoo on your carpet and scrub over the stained or affected areas with the use of a hard bristle brush. Let the carpet dry first and then vacuum up the shampoo after it dries. Use natural cleaning products: If you want to save money, there are natural cleaning products that are just as effective as the expensive ones, but more affordable. Homeowners can use tonic water or soda water to eliminate coffee stains, while salt is another great alternative for sponging up new stains and getting rid of the dirt within the carpet. Another effective and natural cleaning product that most people use to neutralize nasty and foul smells on carpet fibers is the ever reliable baking soda. Another great neutralizer for smelly and stained areas is a mixture of vinegar and water. Fill up a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar, and lightly spray the solution on affected areas. It’s always best to get rid of carpet stains and spills as soon as possible before they get dried up in the carpet fibers. Do not wipe the stains to prevent them from going deeper into the carpet and from smudging. Simply blot them out. Vacuum your carpets regularly: Nothing beats cleaning your carpet regularly than investing in a good vacuum cleaner. Choose one that can suck up all the dirt deep within the fibers. Vacuum regularly, particularly if you have pets. Take it easy on the vacuuming process. Do not rush. Even a high-powered machine needs time to soak up dirt, fur, and dust from your carpet fibers. Protect heavy traffic areas: There are certain areas inside the house that get a lot of foot traffic. It can include your front door, kitchen, and dining area. Consider placing rugs or plastic protector mats over your carpets. Doing so would help you in reducing time to clean up dirt and dust every single day. Following the above suggestions can help immensely and can make your carpet cleaning an easy and even an enjoyable task to accomplish.

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