3 Common Signs Indicating Foundation Problems


Owning a home and remaining secure about having a roof over your head is not enough. You do have to take care to maintain your property correctly as well. Unfortunately, time does take its toll with the pier and beam foundation revealing several issues over a period. While the minor issues can be fixed easily by resorting to simple DIY tactics, the severe problems need to be looked into by professionals. It would indeed help you to recognize some of the tell-tale signs of something being wrong with the very foundation of your home, causing you to get in touch with this company in Houston for identifying repair issues. Here are some of the indications.

  1. Cracks- Do not ignore cracks or gaps in the brickwork or fissures evident on the outside wall. It is a sign of a significant problem with the foundation. Cracks developing on the floor and a broken chimney are causes for concern as well. It is a sign that the foundation has been shifting due to soil erosion or weather conditions, making you sit up and take notice. You might also be alarmed by tiny fissures appearing at the corner of the stairs that lead to the upper floor too. Relax! All you need is to contact a repair technician who is adept at reading the signs. Many of the tiny cracks may be purely cosmetic that can be repaired within minutes. However, you do have to hire a professional to learn more about the alarming signals to retain your peace of mind.
  2. Movement of Foundation- You may occasionally notice a part of your home is higher than the other. It would be foolhardy to ignore it altogether and hope that the problem will correct itself. You may have to contact a competent contractor immediately so that the foundation can be raised and a number of foundation piers installed at the earliest. Leaving the problem unresolved for long may cause the issues to increase, ultimately affecting your safety. It, therefore, makes sense to call a quality foundation contractor so that the repairs are done, thus avoiding the risks and saving on expenses.
  3. Faulty Doors- A door that fails to open or close properly is not always on account of the product. It could also be an indication of a foundation problem. The doors used to pass between rooms within your home may stick at times. The entrance doors may also be affected by a similar problem where the door seems to be unevenly installed. Failure to open or close properly may also be caused by intense humidity, especially after a few days of incessant rains or thunderstorms. While such issues get corrected within a day or two, it might be essential to contact a foundation contractor if there are cracks evident at the same time too.

Instances such as the crawl space appearing damp, wall cabinets separating and a sagging floor are indicative of foundation issues. You might want to have the foundation inspected thoroughly by a professional associated with this company in Houston for troubleshooting repair issues.

Summary- It is best to contact a professional contractor right away on finding signs of damage in the foundation of your home.

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