What Happens During Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning

After you have sorted out the carpet cleaning cost, do you know what goes on when you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning is a must in good carpet maintenance. It ensures the total removal of dirt and bacteria without damage to your precious carpet. You know that you can clean your carpet on your own but the reason why we need professionals is the fact that they know just the right activities to do and safe chemicals to apply to have carpets looking pristine and as good as brand new.

Pre-Cleaning Process

A good professional carpet cleaner would extensively interview clients prior to the scheduled cleaning session. A good one will ask regarding the type, style, kind, construction, condition, use, and amount and nature of dirt involved. They do this to best determine the kind of cleaning necessary to complete the task. Steam cleaning is one of the most popular and favored professional carpet cleaning processes because of its safety and robust cleaning ability.

Professional carpet cleaning requires the application of five essential processes. You should read on so that you may be equipped with enough knowledge to determine if your professional carpet cleaner is actually good. This article is also best for individuals that have yet to choose a professional carpet cleaner. With this information, you’d be fully informed on the important points and matters that should be discussed with your prospective professional carpet cleaner.

Activities That Take Place During Professional Carpet Cleaning Sessions

  1. Removal of Dry Dirt

The first thing that professional carpet cleaners deal with is dry dirt. They will extensively vacuum each part of the carpet in a forward and backward motion to remove loose dirt.

Professional cleaners use a specialized vacuum with a powerhead. This kind of vacuum has a moving brush in its head. The brush’s electric-powered motion extensively cleans dirt and particles that are not within reach of regular vacuum cleaners that we have at home. The brush also helps in lifting crushed carpet pile or fabric loops. It can also deal with tangles and pivot points in carpet areas that receive heavy foot traffic.

Good professional carpet cleaners always start with dry dirt removal. Most cleaners opt to bypass this part and directly proceed with steam cleaning and that is not correct. Bypassing dry dirt removal can affect the long term health of a carpet.

  1. Dirt Suspension

After dry dirt cleaning, professional cleaners proceed with dealing with dirt that stuck to the very fiber of your carpets. These are specks of dirt that even powerful vacuums can’t remove. In dirt suspension, professional cleaners need to carefully apply chemicals with the right temperature and the right duration

  • Chemicals – professional cleaners use specialized chemicals that do not damage carpets. As most carpets in Australia have wool, professional cleaners use detergents with low PH levels. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpets are cleaned extensively and carefully.
  • Temperature – professional carpet cleaners apply the right amount of heat for cleaning to be robust and effective. Heat reinforces the application of cleaning detergents.
  • Application – careful application is observed. Badly damaged carpets are treated more sensitively with the use of a rotary scrubbing machine. Small areas that need careful attention are brushed.
  • Duration – the hotter the temperature, the lesser the time needed in applying chemicals. However, if the temperature cannot be set high enough, professional cleaners could opt to pick a stronger chemical or opt for longer application time.
  1. Dirt Removal

Upon application of cleaning agents, proper dirt removal takes place. Professional carpet cleaners use the following processes in removing dirt:

  • Dry carpet cleaning – absorption of carpet dirt
  • Wet-vacuuming – carpet shampoo is used in this process
  • Steam cleaning – hot water is used to extract dirt
  • Rinsing – carpets are submerged in water
  • Dry vacuuming – dry cleaning is done after due chemical cleaning
  1. Grooming

After cleaning and actual dirt removal, carpet grooming takes place. Carpet grooming is done with the use of a carpet rake. Carpet grooming creates the following effects:

  • Makes carpets look as good as brand new.
  • Properly distributes and applies protectors and deodorants.
  • Prevents matting and crushing.
  • Shortens evaporation time.
  1. Drying

Once grooming is done, your carpets will then be set to dry. Carpets are set to dry quickly to avoid the following:

  • Microbial growth
  • Accidents
  • Unwanted dirt
  • Browning
  • Highly unlikely, but fabric transfer can also take place

Drying can take much or lesser time depending on the following factors:

  • Water usage during cleaning.
  • Ventilation in the property.
  • Heating and cooling systems in the house.
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Treatment application
  • Carpet material
  • Carpet absorption
  • Carpet thickness
  • The gravity of carpet dirt

If you want your carpet to dry faster, do consider the following:

  • Hire a certified carpet cleaner that does not use excessive water during cleaning
  • Turn on your ceiling fans and all extraction fans
  • Turn on your heating or cooling system to boost air movement
  • Open all doors and windows

Choose Wisely

It will now be easier for you to look for the best professional carpet cleaner, now that you already know the essential processes that take place whenever carpets are professionally cleaned. Before hiring one, ensure that you’ve done good research on your own carpet. Note important details such as its materials and date of purchase. It will also be best if you already know what your carpet uniquely needs prior to discussing matters with a professional carpet cleaner.

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