Tips to Help Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Carpet Cleaning

There’s no question that quality carpet can make a home more welcoming and comfortable. However, if carpeting looks dull, dirty, and old, it can have the opposite effect. This means keeping your carpets fresh and bright is a must for any home.

If you want to learn how to keep your carpet clean, fresh, and looking great, keep reading.

Take Your Shoes Off

While investing in the services of a professional Austin carpet cleaner from time to time is a good idea, you can reduce the frequency of these visits are needed by having everyone take their shoes off before entering your home and walking on your carpet.

If you wear shoes in your home, it increases the dirt you track in and that gets trapped in the carpet fibers. Besides the extra dirt that gets in your carpet, shoes have a harder tread than your bare feet, socks, and slippers. This means shoes wear down your carpet faster.

Add Carpet Protection

Adding a good-looking area rug in your home over your carpet will help you keep them clean. Keep in mind, though, this rug will need regular maintenance, too, but deep cleaning a rug is much easier than cleaning an entire room of carpet.

Also, add chair mats to help save your carpet from chair legs or the wheels on a desk chair. If indentations form in your carpet, WOW Total Cleaning may have the tools and equipment to help get them out.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

It’s necessary to vacuum your carpet regularly to keep them clean. You will notice a difference if you take time to vacuum your carpet at least three times per week. With regular vacuuming, you can pick up dirt and keep it from getting embedded in your carpet fibers.

There’s a little-known trick to vacuuming – move slowly. The more foot traffic an area gets, the slower you need to vacuum. A single, quick pass will not pick up all the dirt.

Deal with Stains Right Away

If you let a stain remain in place, it will be more difficult to remove. You can prevent stains from becoming set in by dealing with them right away.

Remember, if you want to keep your carpet clean, fresh, and new looking, use the tips listed here. Hiring professionals for a deep clean is also recommended a few times a year. By doing this, there’s a good chance your carpet will last longer and continue to look great.

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