What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Whirlpool Bath

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Whirlpool baths are known to relieve the body of aches and pains as well as promote good blood circulation. It also helps with relaxation and releasing toxins from the body. With these numerous benefits, you may find yourself considering the idea of adding one to your bathroom. Before you make that purchase, here are a few things to consider.

How will it fit in your current bathroom layout?

This question explores important aspects such as the size and the weight of the tub. If you are thinking about removing your existing tub and replacing it with a whirlpool bath, will it be big enough for you to relax in? If the space is too small and there is not enough leeway to adjust the bathroom for a bigger tub, you may want to reconsider the decision. The main point of having a whirlpool bath is to optimise relaxation. If the jets are not positioned in a way that they are able to target parts of the body that need them most, the purpose of the tub is severely undermined.

Whirlpool baths are also better if enjoyed with company. If you live alone, then a tub with enough space for one is good enough but if you want to enjoy it with your partner or spouse, then consider having a bigger one installed. There should be enough room to soak together.

Additional features for safety

Whirlpool baths also need to have some additional features to ensure safety. Some examples include: bars to grab on to, non-slip floor, and access should be easy. The tub should not be too deep or too shallow. Another feature for safety is a sensor that detects when the water level is too shallow. The sensor should automatically turn off the whirlpool motor when there is not enough water in the tub.

Home heating system

If you already have an in-home heating system that you want to use to heat the whirlpool tub, you need to check if the capacity is enough for this purpose. The circulating jets inside the tub make the water cool off faster which means you will need to refill the tub with hot water constantly.

Instead of using your own home heating system, you can opt for a whirlpool tub that has its own heating system. This option is more energy-efficient and also helps keep the temperature inside the tub consistent.


When it comes to personalising the design and style of your whirlpool tub, there are a number of options. First, you can select the shape of the tub to fit the space in your bathroom. You can also have a skirt fitted around the tub to conceal the mechanisms and make it look more attractive. Colour is another way you can easily personalise your tub. Most manufacturers have a variety of colours and finishes to choose from which is perfect if you want something that looks more unique and stylish.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the number of jets fitted in the tub. You can request to customise the location of the jets to target specific areas of the body you want to focus on like the legs or back.

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