What Does Spearfish Have To Offer?


Located in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota, Spearfish is a thriving and eclectic community. As one of the fastest and most consistently growing cities in the state, it offers a rich history as well as exciting current opportunities. As a tourist, you’ll appreciate the hospitality that Spearfish has to offer. If you decide to move there, you’ll discover so much more.

Wide Range of Ages

Spearfish is a popular location for retirees, but you mustn’t think that it is an old, dying town. There are plenty of opportunities for younger people as well. Many students come to get their degree at Black Hills State University and end up settling down and raising a family in Spearfish.

Places To Gather

There are plenty of places to get together with your friends on wooden bar chairs Spearfish SD to play pool, throw darts, or watch sports on TV. Those aren’t the only gathering places, however. There are also coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants to suit just about every taste. Attitudes toward dining and tipping in Spearfish tend to be rather casual even if you go to a fairly expensive restaurant.

Things To See and Do

Spearfish has been a center for the arts in the Black Hills and South Dakota for decades. There are concert series, live theater, visual arts, even a yearly arts festival in the City Park. Spearfish is home to renowned artist Dick Termes whose unique round paintings called Termespheres have delighted thousands, both in South Dakota and elsewhere.

Even if the arts aren’t your thing, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities in and around Spearfish at all times of the year. There are 130 acres of parkland, at least seven hiking trails, and more than 10 bike trails covering 139 miles. Spearfish Canyon features 19 miles of breathtaking scenery, including at least three waterfalls.

Spearfish is beloved by locals and highly regarded by people throughout the state of South Dakota when they have occasion to visit. Property in Spearfish is valued highly due to the great demand.

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