Wall air conditioning – What you should know


Whenever you see a wall air conditioning in any store or supermarket, it means that it is installed or mounted on a wall.

There are several types of wall mounted air conditioners, the models of consoles (split type) or the compact ones, which are all-in-one equipment, that is, both the indoor and outdoor units are in the same device (such as the window air conditioner).

Types of wall air conditioning

In this section, we will list the different wall equipment that is currently on the market. So, you can be clear about how you can use it and what its installation consists.

Split or multi-split wall air conditioner

These are the best known and bestselling. They are the typical air conditioners that we all know. We have a console placed on the wall inside the house, and the other unit is on the street.

They are equipment that can found from low power to medium power. It has enough power to condition the living room of any house perfectly.

They are the cheapest and easiest equipment to install, and they work well and can be placed anywhere.

Wall air conditioning without outdoor unit

These teams are all-in-one units. If you want to have more detailed information, you can see the air conditioning equipment without an outdoor unit, where we describe all its advantages and disadvantages.

It is a team that goes on the inner wall but needs an air inlet and outlet to make the exchange. Therefore you need a hole towards the street.

They are quite large equipment since they need space to house both the indoor and outdoor units.

Window air conditioner

It is a compact equipment and needs to be installed in a window or in a hole large enough for half of the unit to be inside and the other half outside.

These are the oldest wall-mounted air conditioners and the first ones that began to market for homes. They are quite heavy and somewhat noisy equipment, and the truth is that they are slowly disappearing from the market due to the sale of split consoles.

Our opinion on wall A / C equipment

If you are looking for a wall device, we recommend that you opt for the range of splits. They are very economical and work well. They have spare parts of all kinds and in terms of comfort is the best option, since they make very little noise, they can be programmed for both on and off, they have the remote control, and aesthetically they look better than any other wall air conditioner.

The prices are very low, since there is equipment from $300, even cheaper, depending on the brand.

As for the installation, the truth is that you are making life easier for the installer, and these split devices are very easily mounted and require hardly any work, so you will also save on this aspect.

Technical features and advantages of wall-mounted air conditioners

Modern air conditioners are a huge assortment of models of various types, including expensive duct and cassette ceiling systems. What is it, and what are their advantages? We will consider it all in the following section.

Technical features of wall conditioners

The wall-mounted version of the air conditioner, as a rule, implies a classic split system of outdoor and indoor units.

A larger outdoor unit is mounted on the exterior wall of the building that is connected to the indoor unit, through special tubes for the flow of refrigerant.

The outdoor unit includes a compressor unit, while the indoor unit is equipped with a fan creating an airflow, a control and monitoring system, as well as additional filtration systems.

An Important Feature to Know About

It should be remembered that the wall-mounted air conditioner does not supply fresh air from the street. Therefore, the recirculation of air flows can be associated with the accumulation of moisture – in modern models, this problem is solved using drainage systems, due to which excess condensate is removed through special pipes outside the premises.

The undoubted advantages of split systems are:

  • Cheapness (especially in comparison with devices of ceiling type)
  • The convenience of installation (installation of a wall-mounted air conditioner most often does not require special preparation of the room than channel and cassette devices sin)
  • Ease of maintenance (most users can perform simple maintenance tasks for the indoor unit of the air conditioner without resorting to the help of a specialist)
  • Efficient operation, with fairly compact size (this is an obvious advantage of wall-mounted devices over larger window-type systems)
  • Ability to work on both heating and cooling
  • Many auxiliary functions, such as antibacterial cleaning, delayed start, hot start, ionization and dehumidification
  • The ability to use for air conditioning of small rooms (more preferred option, in comparison, for example, with an expensive column system)
  • Low noise level (which is critical for bulky and loud window and floor air conditioners)

And about other advantages of wall split systems

Such models do not take up much space in the room – you can install the air conditioner in any place convenient for you, and modern construction technologies will completely hide all communications so that the cooling installation does not spoil the interior of the room.

No noise

Due to the separation of the outdoor and indoor units, a significant reduction in noise from the operating device is achieved, since the loudest compressor unit is outside the room. Modern air conditioning makes no more noise than a working fan. A wall-mounted air conditioner is almost inaudible. The very first air conditioners produced a healthy dose of decibels. It has also long gone. A running air conditioner is barely audible or even silent. If you were hoping that the device would cover the buzzing mosquito, you might be disappointed.

Different styles – different solutions

Also, for wall-mounted air conditioners, there are a variety of design solutions that allow you to choose the most suitable device for the existing room interior. Modern wall modules are done in various styles and colours, including surface finish for metal or other materials.

Quickly refreshes the room

A wall-mounted air conditioner works quickly and efficiently. It can bring a room such as an office, an entrance hall or a bedroom to the desired temperature in no time. It then maintains this temperature all day.

Easy to install

Any skilled handyman (or handyman) can install a wall air conditioner. You don’t have to be an engineer or specialist in the field, let alone apply for one. Installing a wall-mounted air conditioner has the great advantage of requiring very little structural work. Basic DIY experience is more than enough!

Elegant designs

Fortunately, the days when wall-mounted air conditioners came in the form of flashy and repelling boxes. Today, wall-mounted air conditioners are available in many shapes, from standard neutral and white models to designer and colourful models that bring a unique touch to the room. Do not hesitate, and you will surely find one that will perfectly suit the decoration of your office.

The presence of remote controls

Using a convenient remote-control system, you can comfortably select the desired operating mode, activating with a simple click of a button the various available functions.

In addition to the standard cooling mode, many wall-mounted devices also support the functions of heating, ventilation and drainage – this should also be taken into account, giving preference to a particular model of an air conditioner. A wall-mounted air-conditioner fitted with horizontal and vertical slats, which allow the airflow to be regulated. Want to enjoy a refreshing breeze or send the air across the room? A wall-mounted air conditioner allows you to adapt the airflow to your wishes.


A wall-mounted air conditioner combines the indoor and outdoor unit with a conventional air cooling system. The inner part draws in warm air from the room, cools it and then blows in the fresh air. The outside part allows hot air to be discharged to the outside.

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