Transform Your Home into an Epitome of Beauty with Best Live Edge Wood Furniture.


Almost every large cities including Singapore are filled with skilled local woodcrafters who could make outstanding quality furniture that can be heirlooms for years to come. You can transform your dining table into something aesthetically appreciable when you purchase expertly crafted furniture derived from a live edge slab.

Furthermore live edge wood materials are not only elegant but they invoke an artistic feel in your home. Not only is this a gorgeously trendy material product, solid wood is largely used to manufacture customized furniture. However, there are of course, other cheaper and more modernized materials for making furniture these days.

Nonetheless, a well-designed and well placed live edge slab table will tastefully add character to your home. Wood has both a classic and a traditional feel. Also, it blends perfectly with any home style. Besides adding on your home décor, they add a sense of style and comfort.

Here we look at some of the reasons why live edge slabs may be the best investment you made this round.

Why Shop for Live Edge Wood Furniture

  • It’s everlasting

Owning timeless home equipment is not only rewarding but the beauty and character will be with you for a lifetime. Every live slab is unique in grain and you can never find the same one. They stay sturdy and pretty, like forever. Hence, you won’t have to spend money every New Year buying new furniture to replace old and broken ones. The best thing is that you can even upgrade and refurbish your existing live edge wood furniture to a style of your choice. In such a case, you can engage professional wood craftsmen for the most amazing results.

  • Easy to maintain

Thanks to their hardy nature, live edge furniture requires little maintenance and care. This will save you lots of money and time, not to mention that it also boosts your peace of mind. Moreover, live edge wood can withstand rough conditions. They can’t easily be destroyed by weather. Furthermore, they are strong enough to hold any weight lay on it.

  • Improves room décor

The visual appeal of your home matters a lot. It’s the place you rest after a long day at work. With natural live slab furniture in the dwelling, people are found to be more at eased and feel less stressful. That said, live edge furniture brings nature into your home décor. It’s stylish, comfortable and impressive. Your home will be a place you will always look forward to coming back after work.

  • Highly valuable

Live edge wood furniture has a higher resale value compared to other materials used to create furniture. Furniture made of wood is unique and is a reflection of wealth. So, if you want your home or mansion to ‘smell rich’ consider installing some expertly crafted live edge wood furniture.

Best qualities of Solid wood furniture manufacturers

  • Highly experienced

Your furniture must be crafted with expertise by highly experienced workforce. They will integrate passion, brilliance and hard work in their workmanship. So, you can rest assured of excellent results.

  • Use the latest technology

Live edge furniture is made using the latest technology. This is done to ensure that the lumber is finished incredibly. So, CNC machines are used by the experts for engraving, cutting, planning and shaping the furniture. Hence, you can have your dream furniture crafted for you according to your specifications.

  • Fast deliveries

No doubt, you want the furniture standing in your home soonest possible. The best craftsmen in Singapore are there for you. Your live edge wood furniture can be complete in about 3 working days. Note, quality and elegance are always a priority. So what are you waiting for, go make your order now!

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