Making the Most of the Under-Bed Space


Whether it’s in a master bedroom or a kid’s room, the bed occupies the largest surface area. If you’re limited in terms of space, you may consider using the under-bed space to free your bedroom from clutter. The good thing is that most modern beds are fitted with drawers to provide that extra storage that most people sort for. So, if you’re still using a traditional bed design, it would be wise to get a storage larger mattress platform bed with drawers. Not only does it have extra storage for your clutter, but it’s also compact enough to occupy lesser space compared to a traditional bed.

However, if you can’t let go of your traditional bed, you can still turn the space underneath into extra storage. Keep the space neat and organized with storage items that fit well under the bed.

Here are a few under-bed storage options to get you started.

Wheeled Boxes

If you’d like under-bed storage that you can easily roll out when you need to pick an item, a specialized under-bed wheel box would be an ideal storage option. These boxes are spacious enough to fit all your old books plus some of your out-of-season clothing pieces. They also have a lid to keep the contents of the box safe from dust and pests.


This is the most common type of under-bed storage, especially for kids. Nowadays, most beds come with drawers, but in case your bed lacks this, you can purchase wheeled under-bed drawers to serve as extra storage. In a kids’ bedroom, you can use these drawers to hold toys, extra clothing, old storybooks, or extra pairs of shoes. In guest rooms, these spaces can be filled with spare bed sheets and pillows.

Locked Boxes

Do you have items that you’d like to keep out of anyone’s reach? It’s high time you get a locked box that can easily fit in the space under the bed. For easy access, consider getting one that’s wheeled. Fill this box with important items that are less frequently used such as personal documents and other valuables. Since you can lock the box, the items will be safe.

Storage Bags

You may be having items that you use less frequently. For instance, when was the last time you used those Christmas bells? Of course during the last Christmas holiday. Since you won’t use holiday decorations many times in a year, you need storage for them.  For such items, you can use large zippered bags that you can easily slip under bed. However, to keep the under-bed storage neat, hang a stylish bed skirt to hide the storage item.

Photo Storage Cases

Under-bed storage isn’t just meant for some old clothes or books. You can still use it to keep some old photos for treasured, but now instead of drawers, you use a photo storage case. This could be an acid-free container with several compartments to accommodate all your photos. It’s safer to keep photos in these containers than in vehicle storage. Here, they can easily get damaged.

With these under-bed storage ideas, you’re good to go.

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