Is It Time for Your Annual Hydrant Flow Test?


Operating a business in New York is a complex process of navigating the day to day operational needs that demand your attention and following up on long-term necessities like safety audits, both the ones that help you identify areas of improvement and the ones that the state and city require to demonstrate you are complying with their regulations. That means regularly testing your fire suppression systems to make sure they are operating correctly and maintaining them to keep them up to code.

Finding Test Professionals Near You

The easiest way to meet these requirements is by finding the professionals in your area who can test your systems and help you adjust them as needed. With a reliable hydrant flow test that shows you are within the required parameters for businesses in your area, you can not only satisfy the city, but also your insurance provider and anyone else with concerns about your risk management processes. This makes it easier to get your best rates on fire bonds, insurance policies, and other risk management instruments, which can save you a lot of money.

Additional Testing and Equipment Support

Another great reason to stay on top of your testing? The advice that comes with it. When you have professionals assess your fire safety system regularly, you can benefit from their recommendations as you expand your business, ensuring you’re always operating with the best combination of safety equipment, employee training, and insurance protection. That’s worth at least as much as protection from citations that can crop up when your safety systems go untested until they’re audited by an inspector, because it helps you form a more complete idea of the costs of any addition to your business before you make the investment. That kind of intelligence is essential if you’re in a competitive area like New York.

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