Best in Budget – Elite Cuisine ECT-4829 Long Cool Touch Toaster


Nowadays, bread comes in all sorts of form and size; some of them clearly do not fit in the traditional multi-slotted toasters’ small slots. But with long slot toasters, either long baguette slices or unevenly cut bread will go into any shape and size of the bread.

Whatever a regular toaster can do a long slot toaster can. Although you can only roast normal slices of bread with a normal toaster, although the long slot toaster is ideal for all kinds of bread due to its longer slot.

The extra work and time to attempt to make your bread slices fit in a standard toaster is spared by getting a long slot toaster in the kitchen.

Long slot toasters may also be used to toast oversized waffles, tortillas, etc. And some brands can also encourage thick grilled sandwiches to be toasted.

For bread-lovers, the long slot toaster is a must. You get a crisp bread with this cooking utensil, toasted and golden!

If you are a lover of toast, as most of us are, it is important to have a decent toaster. Check out our best long slot toaster analysis, lightweight, simple to use and giving you good toasting times.

Long Cool Contact Toaster ECT-4829 Elite Cuisine

For many types of bread to fit in the device comes with two extra wide 10 x 1.25 inch spaces. In one batch, you can also fit 2 regular slices of bread, which allows you to simultaneously toast up to 4 regular slices of bread.

The toaster has functionality for defrosting, reheating, and cancelling. For you to pick from there are 6 toast shade settings. No need to think about the clean-up process, the crumb tray can be slid out and discarded. It has easy and intuitive functions. Without any challenges, everybody should use it.

To keep the toaster in place, the brand even equips the toaster with non-skid feet. And the plastic housing of the toaster stays cold during toasting, so it is safe to touch. You do not need to worry about burning yourself or your children.

The Pros

It comes with a streamlined white body,

The dial on the toaster helps you to pick how brown the toast is for you.

The toaster has buttons for the purposes of reheating, cancelling and defrosting

It has two long and wide slots that can toast 4 slices of standard bread at the same time.

The crumb tray should be reusable,


There are no Presets for Toasting Bagels

Stuff to enjoy

Slot size: Something to love about this toaster is that the slots are long enough to accommodate a selection of artisan bread and other products, such as bagels and waffles, but still broad enough.

Self-centering: This function means that consistent heat is provided to your slice of bread or what you want to bring inside, toasting it equally.

Pop up heating rack: After it’s ready, this rack is great for heating stuff or keeping your toast warm. It has been integrated, rather than introduced as an accessory, into the toaster.

Surface temperature: As the name states, the exterior temperature of this toaster remains mild. This eliminates the likelihood of any fire injuries happening.

What you shouldn’t like

Ejection force: The fact that the ejection power of the toaster is extreme is a frequent concern among consumers. This resulted in the landing of toasts on the floor or the counter. During busy mornings, this can make it extremely messy. In comparison, it causes you to have to be near the toaster until it’s about to grab your food.

Heat: The lowest setting for this toaster is really hot, according to various reviewers. This means that instead of a crunchy one, there is no chance to get a lightly-browned toast quickly. This limits the choices and makes life less than optimal for families or households where there is a different desire for everybody.

Ultimate comments

This toaster is a normal one with interesting features such as the incorporated heating rack as well as the fact that it keeps cool outside. When there are children at home, this is highly important. A downside is the unnecessary ejection force, and the fact that even the lowest settings show very toasty results reduces its flexibility.

Therefore, if you like your toast crunchy, it could be a good choice, particularly because it’s one of the lowest-priced models in this ranking.

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