Are Security Systems Effective at Protecting Your Home?   


Way back in 1969, Marie Van Brittan patented the first home security system. It was an effective system that features peepholes, a microphone hook-up, an alarm, and cameras that delivered a feed to monitors.

Since then, security systems have come a long way. Services like Max Security in Denver can now outfit your property with custom systems that come with sensors to detect both human intruders as well as environmental threats. And cellular monitoring technology lets you keep an eye on your property even as you travel across the country.

But do these security features actually keep you safe? Yes.

Homes without a security system are much more likely to be targeted by criminals than homes with cameras and alarms. The reasoning behind this is simple. When burglars see security features in place, they often determine that robbing the home is more trouble than it’s worth. Even a security system sign in the yard can make a home a less appealing target.

Some burglars still decide to take the risk of robbing a home that has a security system in place. When this happens, the alarms greatly reduce the amount of time the thief can gather the homeowner’s valuables before someone notices.

The camera plays a role as well. Monitoring services and recordings increase the likelihood that police will identify the intruder, even if it takes a few days after the incident.

Additional Defense

There are other features you can add to your home to keep thieves away.

At night, set up motion-sensor lighting that light up your yard when something gets close to your home. The sudden burst of light can give the impression that someone is home and awake, even if this isn’t the case. It’s a smart way to scare off would-be intruders and curious wildlife. This works best if you don’t have many hedges or other overgrown plants in your yard for thieves to hide behind. So, remember to keep your property neat and tidy – it’s not just a matter of appearances, it’s a matter of security.

Many burglars actually commit their crimes during daylight hours. This is because most people are at work or running errands. A gate and fence is a good deterrent any time of day. Like a security system, a gate will require the thief to put in extra effort to break into the home. Remember to advertise your security system on the fence.

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