A Guide to Heavy Equipment Hauling Jobs


As truckers all over the country are working extra hours to keep things running smoothly, it’s obvious that truckers are needed more than ever. This is especially true for heavy haulers, who must have experience and specialized skills to work successfully. Is becoming a heavy hauler right for you?

Types of Items Heavy Haulers Carry

Heavy hauling is essential for transporting large pieces of construction equipment, small offices, portable power, and a range of other oversize items. Heavy haulers often take on cranes and excavators, other trucks, building materials, and mobile homes.

Education Required for a Heavy Hauler

To become a heavy hauler, you must first be an experienced truck driver. The requirements to become a trucker vary by company but always require a CDL. Obtaining a CDL reuqires attending a truck-driving school or being trained on the job and then passing the CDL test. Many truckers do not have a college degree or high school diploma. However, each company has its own requirements.

Once you have a few years of experience as a truck driver, and as long as you have an excellent driving record, you may be eligible to become a heavy hauler. Keep in mind that most companies require their heavy haulers to have a clean criminal record.

Necessary Skills for a Heavy Hauler

Your trucking skills must be completely honed if you want to perform heavy equipment hauling San Bernardino CA successfully. Heavy haulers are often carrying oddly shaped or very heavy items, which means they need to be focused, detail-oriented, and use good judgment. Other required skills include being able to work as a team as well as independently, being a good communicator, and having patience.

Benefits of Becoming a Heavy Hauler

Becoming a heavy hauler allows you to gain new trucking skills that you can take with you to other jobs throughout your career. Additionally, heavy hauling jobs bring in more income than traditional jobs. If you become a full-time heavy hauler, expect to earn about $80,000 per year.

If you’re thinking about becoming a trucker or heavy hauler, research the companies you contact first. Seek out reputable businesses with strong reviews when deciding where to receive training or apply to work.

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