A Comprehensive to Tick Treatment and Prevention


Eliminating ticks means treating the three places where ticks are commonly found – your yard, pets, and property. These bloodsuckers know to mask their tracks and hide in places where you least expect them. Therefore, it would be best if you hire a Treasure Valley pest control expert to analyze the infestation and decide the best tick control method. Here’s a guide to exterminate ticks and prevent future infestations.

First things first: Get your pets treated for ticks

First, check your pets that live in your home for ticks and get them treated. This process should be done by a professional who understands your pet species, weight, age, health, and other factors that determine the right tick control products to be used. Some of the ways to treat pets for ticks include tick sprays, tick drops, insecticide baths, preventive medication, and medicated collars.

As mentioned earlier, spot-on pet tick drops are one of the ways to ensure your furry buddies are free from pests. It’s essential that you get the pest control product directly on the pet’s skin. Be sure to apply on the area between the shoulder blades to prevent the pet from licking the application area.

A tick and flea bath with some form of medicated shampoo offers an immediate kill of fleas and ticks. Once you purchase the shampoo, first read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings before using the product. Some products have age or species restrictions, and thus, might not be safe for your kitten or lovely dog.

Keep your house free from ticks

If you have spotted one or two ticks in your house, it is time to contact an expert in tick extermination and control. The expert can accurately analyze the severity of the infestation and determine the best tick extermination approach. Depending on the extent of the infestation, it could take a few weeks or months to eliminate these bloodsuckers from your property.

Generally, ticks are biologically programmed always to climb upwards while looking for their next host. Thus, it’s recommended to check the arms and backs of your furniture regularly. A good tick control expert will help you create a preventive plan to ensure your home doesn’t get infected again.

Outdoor tick treatment

Keeping your yard clean is key to controlling tick populations and preventing them from invading your property. You should also treat the specific areas where your pets rest, walk, and play. Keep the grass short, free from trash, and spray the recommended products. Keep in mind that outdoor tick treatment methods don’t work overnight, and it might take a week or two to eradicate ticks from your yard fully.

Wrap up

Tick bites are scary, but there is something you can do to prevent them. These small creatures are very common between March and November. That means you should be more vigilant during the summer and even beyond. The pest control methods mentioned can help you exterminate ticks and prevent future infestations.

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