5 of the Most Common Packaging Materials in India


Well how does packaging influence our lives? Each and everything we buy from a shop is packaged. It ensures that we are getting an unadulterated and damage free product at the cost we are paying to the shopkeeper. Packaging is also important when we are moving our residence from one place to another. In this case packaging plays a very important role to make sure that our furniture and other belongings are transported without getting damaged or wrecked.

In order to make packaging full proof and sturdy, a lot of packaging materials are available in the market. Let us take a look at all such materials that make life easier for us when we are shifting apartments or for a retailer who is selling consumer durables to the customers.

Adhesive Tapes – Adhesive tapes or sticky tapes are used to seal a packaging to ensure that there is no leakage or tear from any end. They are made of a thin film of a durable material usually referred to as a backing material with some adhesive attached to it on one side. The most common example of an adhesive tape is what we call a cello tape. Now depending on the intent and purpose of use adhesive tapes are available in different types with respect to durability, thickness, color and strength of the adhesive. There are various types of tapes that are produced by the adhesive tape manufacturer in India that include masking tapes, temperature aluminum tape, cloth tape, duct tape and clear/ blopp tape which is used as per requirement.

Polythene-Stretch-film – Stretch wrap or stretch film is used to bind something very tightly so that they do not fall apart. They are used to bind small items together or used as the other covering of large items or stacked of items together. The process of this kind of packaging is called pallet unitizing. The various functionality of this product includes rendering stability. Ease of handling and storage, dust and moisture protection and most importantly provide protection from damages and getting tampered.

Bubble roll – Remember the plastic bubble wraps that was found inside the packing of a new television or any other new item that came home in a cardboard box. As a child how much fun it used to be to puncture those bubbles with our little fingers one by one! Bubble rolls are usually used for fragile items. They are made of transparent plastic with small bubbles created all over the surface. Call it a bubble pack, bubble wrap or bubble paper to the packaging material supplier in India, they will hand over a plastic roll voulmnised by small dilation of bubbles all over them. These rolls are light weight to carry but create a cushion around the object they are being wrapped around to prevent any kind of damage.

Corrugated roll – Corrugated rolls make the most common and the basic packaging material made out of card boards. There lots of corrugated packaging material supplier in india. It is made out of fluted sheets attached to plain card board sheets. These rolls are used to make boxes that form the basic structure of the packaging. While transporting large items, these rolls or boxes are not sufficient on their own. They need to be supported by firmer frames such as foams, thermocols, bubble wraps from within and further needs to be fastened by appropriate adhesive tapes before the item is transported.

Styrofoam – Most commonly known as thermocol, styrofoams have a lot of industrial uses. It is also used as a packaging material with in card board boxes to create support and maintain the structure of the box so that the item that is packed inside remains intact.n

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