3 Challenges to Resolve Before Moving Into Your Rural Home


If you’re moving to a rural area for the first time, you’re excited to get away from the noise of the city and to see the beautiful countryside. However, living in a rural area presents several unique challenges. Make sure to address these issues before you arrive at your new house.

Limited Water Sources

Depending on how remote your location is, you may not be able to access water pipes from your city, or doing so may not be cost-effective. If so, use a well to access the groundwater below your property. Many rural homes already have wells, but if not, investigate your options for Tampa well drilling.

Restricted Sewage Options

Like with your water pipes, the nearest city’s sewage services do not always extend to rural areas. Most countryside homeowners deal with this problem by installing a septic tank. In this system, your waste travels through pipes to a holding tank, which must be regularly pumped by a professional septic company or controlled with a draining service. If your property already has a tank, have it inspected and cleaned to prevent your waste from contaminating the local groundwater.

Delayed Emergency Services

Thanks to the widespread nature of cellphones and highways, emergency services can reach most places quickly. However, if you live far away from your police station, fire department or hospital, first responders need extra time to reach your home. To compensate for this delay, call 911 as soon as you think an emergency is happening. Keep medical supplies such as an automated external defibrillator and butterfly bandages so that you can provide care in the meantime.

Living in a rural area has many benefits, including less pollution, fewer crowds and a slower pace of life. As you prepare to enjoy this new lifestyle, don’t forget to make plans for these challenges so that you’re prepared when you move in.

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